After working in the late 1990s with researchers in the field of dating

After working in the late 1990s with researchers in the field of dating

After working in the late 1990s with researchers in the field of dating

eHarmony is one of the biggest and deepest online dating websites in the world. eHarmony is geared towards singles that are looking to date seriously and find serious relationships and even marriage eventually. eHarmony claims to be responsible for over five hundred new marriages every day because of the website and its’ features.

eHarmony has a long history going back to the early days of the Internet and that is why it has become one of the most trusted names in online dating. As a website, it has continued to develop and advance to suit the needs of its users and overall membership.

EHarmony Review

eHarmony uses algorithms and specific scientific methods in order to match members with each other in terms of like-minded personal qualities and characteristics. eHarmony assesses female and male users based on their overall compatibility and what they’re looking for in a marriage partner.

Unlike many other online dating website, eHarmony has the funds and the infrastructure to have their own scientific laboratories known as eHarmony Labs which is a research facility on dating and relationships. This research facility helps make the algorithms and science behind matching the millions of members who use eHarmony every day.

In addition, eHarmony publishes dating advice in a different website known as eHarmony Advice in order to give tips to singles who are struggling in the dating game. eHarmony launched over sixteen years ago in when it was one of the first online dating sites to launch in early days of the Internet along with its main competitor, Match. The company was founded in Pasadena, California and now has its company headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

eHarmony has quite a reach worldwide with a member base that includes users from over one hundred and fifty countries total. In addition to Los Angeles, California in the United States, eHarmony has offices, which oversee operations in other key countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. eHarmony has not gone public yet and remains privately held by a few shareholders. A few of the major investors in the company include equity firms such as Sequoia Capital and Technology Cross Ventures.


The founder of eHarmony is Dr. Neil Clark Warren who is a clinical psychologist dealing with dating, relationship issues and has been the author of many books dealing with relationships and marriages. Along with his son-in-law, Greg Forgatch, the two men founded eHarmony in 2000.

After having multiple decades of experience working with couples going through marriage therapy and having seen the fallout from many unhappy divorces, Dr. Warren decided to work towards a system, which would allow couples who had similar characteristics and personality traits to be able to find each other and start dating.

He believed that couples that were similar in many respects were more likely to stick together and have healthier relationships and marriages than those couples that had big differences between them. Dr. Warren devised the eHarmony matching system, which has been very successful with its results ever since the site launched back in 2000.

Individual investors came together to give a few million dollars during the site’s founding in order to give eHarmony the capital it needed to get started. After the website demonstrated that it could function and gain new members, more venture capitalists and firms would go ahead and give large amounts of capital especially in 2004 when Sequoia Capital and other big firms got involved in helping eHarmony.

As eHarmony developed, it was able to implement a subscription model for paid users that helped contribute to keeping the website afloat over the past couple of years. eHarmony now posts over a $1 billion in total revenue and its’ profits continue to grow every year.