Autoradiograms off steroid metabolites out of vitellogenic ovarian follicles of one’s bambooleaf wrasse incubated which have [7- 3 H]pregnenolone

Autoradiograms off steroid metabolites out of vitellogenic ovarian follicles of one’s bambooleaf wrasse incubated which have [7- 3 H]pregnenolone

Autoradiograms off steroid metabolites out of vitellogenic ovarian follicles of one’s bambooleaf wrasse incubated which have [7- 3 H]pregnenolone

7 metabolites was split from the thin covering chromatography and you will created with benzene:acetone (4:step one). step one, E1; 2, AD; step 3, P5; cuatro, DHEA 17-P; 5, E2; six, 1eight-P5; 7, 17,20?-P 17,21-P; and you may 8, 17,20?-P5. See Table 1 having steroid abbreviations.

Table step three

To search for the steroidogenic path regarding E2 synthesis, five almost every other radiolabeled steroids were utilized as the precursors for for the vitro incubation from hair follicles. Of these five precursors, E2 try synthesized from [ fourteen C]DHEA, [ fourteen C]Advertising, and you may [ 3 H]E1. Whenever hair follicles have been incubated with [ 3 H]17-P, E2 was not observed given that metabolite, and you will a little bit of Advertising is put. In every incubations, T development couldn’t end up being imagined, and you may [ fourteen C]T wasn’t completely changed into E2.

Dimension from gel steroid accounts

Gel levels of E2 and you may E1 displayed comparable pages in a beneficial day’s spawning 12 months (Fig. dos). On hr, in the event that developmental phase of your own biggest oocytes try LMN, serum E2 and you will E1 profile was in fact somewhat high (E2= ng/ml, E1= 5.08 ng/ml). But by the hours, when the stage of your biggest oocytes is actually M, the levels fell (E2=5.03 ng/ml, Estep one=1.50 ng/ml) and you may remained lingering membership on and time, in the event that degrees of largest oocytes had been TY and you will EMN, correspondingly (E2=six.00 ?six.twenty-seven ng/ml, Estep one=step 1.step one5–step 1.79 ng/ml). But not, T and you can Ad account was basically constant (T=step 1.22–step 1.71 ng/ml, AD=step 1.23–step one.43 ng/ml) for hours and failed to differ rather one of ovarian values (Fig. 3).

Fig. 2

Changes in the serum levels of estradiol-17? (E2) and estrone (E1) in female bambooleaf wrasse sampled at different times of a day during the spawning season. Numbers indicate sample size. Each value is the mean±SEM. Statistically significant differences between groups are shown by different letters (P<0.05).

Fig. 3

Changes in serum quantities of testosterone (T) and androstenedione (AD) into the females bambooleaf wrasse tested on different occuring times regarding 1 day for the spawning seasons. Numbers suggest shot proportions. For every value is the suggest±SEM.


This research shows brand new steroidogenic pathway to help you E2 synthesis on the ovarian hair follicles out-of bambooleaf wrasse (Fig. cuatro, vitellogenic path). Over the past two decades, enough education to your steroidogenesis during the vitellogenesis, in various teleosts, possess incubated intact ovarian hair follicles or fragments or measured bloodstream steroid membership. in the vitro incubation of ovarian hair follicles (amago fish Oncorhynchus rhodurus , Kagawa ainsi que al., 1982; goldfish, Kagawa ainsi que al., 1984; guppy Poecilia reticulata , Venkatesh et al., 1992; medaka Oryzias latipes, Kobayashi mais aussi al., 1996) otherwise ovarian fragments (elizabeth.g., Atlantic croaker Micropogonias undulatus , Trant and you can Thomas, 1989) exhibited that E2 was synthesized via T. In almost any types, it’s been revealed you to definitely bloodstream E2 profile increase throughout vitellogenesis, as well as T profile (elizabeth.grams., plaice Pleuronectes platessa , Wingfield and you may Grimm, 1977; white sucker Catostomus commersori , Scott et al., 1984; noticed seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus , Thomas mais aussi al., 1987; red-colored seabream Pagrus significant, Matsuyama mais aussi al., 1988; gulf coast of florida killifish Fundulus grandis , Greeley mais aussi al., 1988; water bass Dicentrarchus labrax , Prat ainsi que al., 1990; demoiselles Chromis dispilus , Barnett and you can Pankhurst, 1994; striped bass Morone saxatilis , King et al., 1994; spiny damselfish Acanthochromis polyacanthus , Pankhurst ainsi que al., 1999). These studies features led me to brand new recognized consider you to definitely T is a predecessor to own E2 design about teleost ovary. Within our analysis, but not, T was not created by vitellogenic follicles shortly after incubation having radiolabeled precursors, and you will exogenous T wasn’t transformed into E2 throughout the follicles. These results certainly indicate that when you look at the bambooleaf wrasse T isn’t this new predecessor to own E2 design in the vitellogenic follicles. However, E1 was brought rather than T from P5, DHEA, and you may Offer, and you may exogenous E1 is actually translated into E2. The outcome recommend that E2 is synthesized regarding E1 from the vitellogenic follicles. Also, the new solution steroid profile, in which solution E2 membership showed an excellent diurnal rhythm you to definitely paralleled E1 membership not T levels, contain the into the vitro study. To your training, here is the earliest claim that E1 is the significant sandwich-stratum off E2 in the ovarian follicles in a teleost.